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This blog exists so that I can keep track of all the random thoughts that pop into my head, turn them into something mildly cohesive, spit them out, and give other people a chance to react to criticize, and improve upon them. Though my thoughts may be partly informed by my daily work, my blog in no way represents the views or opinions of my employer, so don’t even go there. For work I’m a public librarian, but my work is inspired by my interest in design, design history, architecture, art, technology, media ecology and other ecologies, as well as my many other hobbies. I was told a little while back that “what you do when you are not at work defines what you will be doing for work in the future”, and I hope this blog will help to do just that for me. I also hope it will provide some interesting reading for others.  I welcome reader’s emails and comments.


resume that i may or may not have updated.


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