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So, next week is the PLA convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I’m pleased to be one of the people posting to the PLA blog as the conference goes down.  You might see a little bit of a lag in the writing here on my personal blog.   Don’t be sad.

Admittedly, I haven’t even registered for the conference yet and I have no clue what kind of great events I’ll be reporting on, but rest assured I’ll sniff out all of the good stuff.

I’ll tell you what the best part of this whole experience is going to be though: myself and two of my librarian colleagues renting a car and driving all the way there.  We’ll leave in our rental car at the crack of dawn this Saturday morning and make our way to Minneapolis via Ann Arbor, Chicago and Madison.  This may be the motivator I need to figure out how to post pics directly to the blog from my phone.



  1. I am totally jealous of your road trip. You’ll have to tell me about it, hopefully when I catch you at some point at PLA.

  2. a road trip sounds great–instead I’ll be waking at the crack off pre-dawn to fly in. I’m blogging too–I think we should set up a “blogger’s cocktail hour.”

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