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Daily Archives: March 11th, 2008

What does an adept librarian do on a Saturday afternoon when he gets a random Skype call to participate in an LISNews podcast?  He turns off the television, rubs the sleep from his eyes, and does his best to sound like he knows whats up.  Its all a man can do.

If you have 20 minutes, listen to Andrea Mercado, Aaron Schmidt, and me by clicking HERE. 


This is what the Dweck Auditorium at Brooklyn Public Library looked like on Saturday night around midnight. 


Not your typical library scene, huh?  Thanks to my friend for the funny face in the foreground.  People boozed and danced until 1:00 AM all to support the library.  More than 200 people came and raised $16,000! 

This is what its all about people! This is the way to raise money, build community advocacy, and show everyone that the library is not an old school, crusty, tired place.  Your public library can be WHATEVER (um, within reason) you and your community want it to be, so support it!  Its not too late to join the Brooklyn Vanguard and start thinking about the next blowout event.  Its not too late to say “Damn that was a long wait to use an old computer at the library.  I’m gonna throw them some $ and make my community a better place”.  Go HERE for more information.  Join.  Support your community library.