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I made this diagram for fun. It describes the way that I think a library’s web site fits into a typical library organizational structure vs. a larger public service driven user-experience analysis. “Rep.” stands for representatives from different departments, appointed by the director of that department. The size and shape of the diagram, as well as the names of the departments would be different depending on the structure of whatever library system, but the overlap of departmental interests should remain constant.



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  1. I know you intend “Reps” to be people, but there’s an argument to be made that the Web site is one, too. It provides structured but self-guided inquiry to a patron, and is, for a percentage of the, population, the only interaction they have with a library. Also, it is the most visible representative of a library’s marketing and IT functions to the public. (Sorry to be so niggling, but I’m in the middle of an ontology project that has me thinking really philosophically about labels.)

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