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Daily Archives: February 21st, 2008

I am pleased to announce that my proposal was accepted for a paper/presentation at the Communications and Space/Place 2nd Annual Postgraduate Conference at the University of Leeds – Institute of Communications Studies. This is my first shot at writing and presenting a piece of this nature, so I’m really excited to go for it!  I’m so happy to be taking the public library mission out of its comfort zone to talk about what we do with a different audience!

Unless I disprove my assertion while I write, which does happen from time to time, my goal is to describe personality-making as a place-making activity in virtual architectures on the social web.  This all revolves around a central, ongoing investigation into how public libraries can or cannot use social web technologies as community building tools.  I want to investigate the relationship between community building in the real world and community building on the web.  I intend to draw case studies from New York City’s three public library systems, so if you are reading this and have an interesting example of how your patrons, most likely teens (but any age group is acceptable), are using the social web as a true community-building tool drop me an email. 

I’ll update the blog w/ my progress.  Lots to do.