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Read on the Loose Wire blog:, who picked it up from Accenture:

“Today, home technology has outpaced enterprise technology, leaving employees frustrated by the inadequacy of the technology they use at work. As a result, employees are demanding more because of their ever-increasing familiarity and comfort level with technology. It’s an emerging phenomenon Accenture has called “user-determined computing.””

Are there ANY public librarians out there, even ONE, that aren’t experiencing this?



  1. hey mine! But then we just opened two months ago 🙂

  2. Ummm…We’re still using FLOPPY DISCS at my library!

  3. gosh.
    i am always walking the line of wanting to go farther with technology, but knowing that the majority of my patrons still have basic needs: using a mouse, navigating the windows environment, setting up email. and generally for an immediate need: i need a job right now.

    and yes, they still use floppy disks, which will most likely be the death of me.

    though i think we get just a bit of this with more sophisticated users, asking for flatbed scanners and memory card readers.

    personally, i ask for a mac about once a week.

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